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The Holodomor standalone lesson plan

The lesson plan is designed for students who have not attended the school assembly presentation.

The lesson pack has full guidance for the teacher, powerpoint slide and materials for two activities. Teachers may use all or part of the lesson or edit it as they please. Some of the original sources are very powerful texts.

The lesson is aimed at students in the sixth form but it is accessible for students in Year 10 and above.

The lesson pack download consists of:

    1. The lesson plan with guidance to the teacher.
    2. Slides
    3. Activity 1 – Timeline of events
    4. Activity 1 – Event cards
    5. Activity 2 – Primary sources
    6. Activity 2 – Table for student notes on sources

The lesson plan can be downloaded free of charge here.

Once downloaded and saved, click “enable editing” and “enable content” on the powerpoint to be able to play the video.

We would be glad to hear any feedback and suggestions for changes. Please email us at

Statue commemorating Holodomor in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Source: Jennifer Boyer