Foundation for the History of Totalitarianism

Essay competition: repression in pre-war Nazi Germany

The deadline for the 2023-2024 sixth form history essay prize has now passed.
We received 124 entries from students at over 60 schools.
We expect to announce the winners by mid-March.
Students will be notified if their essays receive a prize or commendation.
The subject for the 2024-25 essay prize will be “Jung Chang and the Cultural Revolution”.  
Who were the Stasi?

The winning essay in the 2021-22 essay competition.

Surviving two invasions

Video: Daniel Finkelstein describes how one side of his family survived the Holocaust and the other survived the Gulag.

Ten books about totalitarianism

Ten books on totalitarianism: masterpieces, best-sellers or both.

The Nazi ‘Pacification’ of Poland 

From The Devil’s Alliance by Roger Moorhouse

A letter from Sachsenhausen

One prisoner’s letter from the Nazi concentration camp to his wife.

Witold Pilecki

A Polish hero of resistance against totalitarianism.
Winning essay in the 2020-21 essay competition.

A T55 tank purchased for exhibition

The kind of tank used to suppress the Prague Spring in 1968