Foundation for the History of Totalitarianism

Essay competition:
Repression in pre-war nazi germany

Entries are invited for the 2023-2024 sixth form history essay prize.

Learning about Holodomor 

School assembly plan for teachers

and sixth form students.

Lesson plan for teachers.

Who were the Stasi?

The winning essay in the 2021-22 essay competition.


£400 for the winner, £50 for two runners up.

Ten books about totalitarianism

Ten books on totalitarianism: masterpieces, best-sellers or both.

The Nazi ‘Pacification’ of Poland 

From The Devil’s Alliance by Roger Moorhouse

A letter from Sachsenhausen

One prisoner’s letter from the Nazi concentration camp to his wife.

Witold Pilecki

A Polish hero of resistance against totalitarianism.
Winning essay in the 2020-21 essay competition.

A T55 tank purchased for exhibition

The kind of tank used to suppress the Prague Spring in 1968