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a letter from sachsenhausen

A letter from Hactan Blasiak to his wife Julia, dated May 16, 1941. Hactan Blasiak, prisoner’s number 28070, was an inmate of Sachsenhausen concentration camp. He sends his wife kisses and hugs and assures her that he will write to her as often as he is permitted. Letters from the camp were censored. This may explain why he says nothing about the conditions. It is also possible that he would not anyway want to distress his wife by telling her how bad things were. Prisoners at Sachsenhausen were killed openly, exploited for labour, and subjected to medical experiments. Of the 200,000 inmates held in the camp between 1936-45, 30,000 died, either from starvation, overwork, or execution.

The text of the letter:

My dear Fulaczka! 

I have received your letter from 30/04/1941 and thank you. I am well and I am glad that you too are well. The death of Tenszert did not surprise me, after all he was old – and the workshop which he took from you – perhaps his family will return it you. I received the money[…] that you sent in April (15 Marks). I am glad that you are living happily with Miss Rakicz – as her help can be very useful for you. I am trying to write to you as often as I am allowed. 

I send greetings to the family and acquaintances. I embrace and kiss you. 

Your husband Wacek 


Please note that the spelling of the names may not be exactly right and a small part of the letter is unclear.

This is one of a number of artefacts we have acquired. We hope to exhibit them in due course.

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