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German anti-semitic teaching poster

German Behaviour – Jewish Behaviour’

An example of anti-Semitic propaganda in Nazi Germany.

“The German loves his fatherland – the wandering Jew travels from one host people to another”.

The picture is racist and designed to encourage hatred. The Germans in it are shown as decent workers while one Jew is depicted as an exploiting capitalist and the other is shown as having no affiliation to Germany. In fact, many Jews in Germany were extremely patriotic and fought for Germany in the First World War. The idea of the “wandering Jew” is a very old anti-Semitic trope. The main reason why Jews have travelled in history is the persecution they have suffered, not any inherent inclination to do so.

The page is part of a portfolio of racist teaching aids designed by Alfred Vogel, a school headmaster and Nazi Party member.

It is a typical feature of totalitarian regimes to “other” certain groups of people and encourage hatred against them.

From Erblehre un Rassenkunde by Alfred Vogel, Stuttgard, circa 1938, page 76.

This is one of a number of artefacts we have acquired. We hope to exhibit them in due course.

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